Vivint Solar: Power to Save our Snow

By Tele Tony Mar 20, 2019
Skiers and snowboarders who do their part to fight climate change by switching to a home solar energy system receive a free season pass for their efforts.
Vivint Solar: Power to Save our Snow

Skiers and snowboarders have a lot riding on the future of snow. The difficult thing for many is to make the leap from genuine environmental concern to actionable lifestyle changes. Utah-based Vivint.Solar is stepping up to help those of us concerned about the future of the climate—and let’s be honest, powder skiing—become part of the solution. Vivint’s incentivizing switching to renewable energy in a way that not only benefits the environment but also makes it less impactful on the environment and our wallets when we hit the slopes next winter.


Let’s face the facts; many things we do as skiers and snowboarders tangibly contribute to climate change. Transportation to the mountain burns fossil fuels. Power to spin chairlifts, charge our electronics and run our homes has to come from somewhere, and all too frequently that means non-renewable, carbon-emitting sources. Vivint’s goal is to help individuals take control of where their energy comes from and make responsible decisions that mitigate our impact on the environment. Each person who converts their home to a solar energy system with Vivint will receive a free season ski pass with a value up to $700, making it easier than ever to get to the mountain the responsible way.

Vivint is a company aiming to tackle climate change at a global scale through expanded use of renewable energy, but they’re also acutely aware of the local impact here in Utah. Vivint has 5,000 employees, many of whom live in Utah and are passionate about exploring and recreating in the mountains. Like the rest of us, they have a vested interest in protecting the natural playgrounds in Utah so they can share the experience with their friends, family and future generations.

Vivint is an industry leader in residential solar power. Thanks to a meticulous focus on product quality and customer service, the efficient, consistent power per panel Vivint customers receive has allowed them to take control of their electricity needs with a responsible, affordable alternative to what is typically available in Utah cities. Since 2011 they’ve done the heavy lifting to help more than 160,000 homes across the United States generate power with solar energy systems, and Vivint is looking to expand that number both here in Utah and beyond the state’s borders.

We all love powder, and it’s up to all skiers and snowboarders to ensure there will still be plentiful face shots for the next generation of shredders. If you’re interested in joining the ranks of people choosing to generate power in an environmentally responsible way, head to Vivint’s website and get started by filling out their online form. Do your part for the planet and the snowpack, and get a free season pass for your effort. That's an incentive that should resonate with every one of us.