48 Hours in Ogden

By King of Après Jan 8, 2019
Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley ski resorts paired with an up-and-coming bar scene in Ogden make it the perfect weekend getaway.
48 Hours in Ogden

Spending 48 Hours in Ogden for a Ski Trip

Ogden, Utah has an infamous history as one of the most unruly frontier towns in the Wild West. Despite being nestled in rather pious Mormon territory, the streets ran amok with prostitution, gambling, murder, and drug use. Ogden once carried a reputation of lawlessness so pervasive, that even Al Capone is rumored to have shied away from visiting the “Chicago of the West.” 

The Ogden metropolitan area has worked hard to overcome its sullied past to become the second-largest metropolitan area in Utah, home to 550,000 residents. Recently, the city has looked eastward, towards the looming Ogden Peak, for a new source of income and passion for its residents – enter the outdoor industry.

While not as well-known across the globe as the nearby ski resorts of Park City and Salt Lake, Ogden’s ski and snowboard offerings — consisting of Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley — are some of the best in the country. Add an up-and-coming culinary and bar scene (one significantly tamer version than in the olden days) and it’s not hard to see why Ogden is making waves in the skiing and apres-ski community.

The crew from Ski Utah decided to spend a February weekend in Ogden and the Ogden Valley in order to experience, first hand, everything Ogden has to offer. Admittingly, we barely scratched the surface, skiing the three Ogden Valley resorts, while cherry-picking other activities and experiences from time-tested go-tos and local’s favorites.

So tag along as we take you through a weekend of adventure in Ogden and the Ogden Valley. We only have 48 hours from landing to takeoff at the SLC. The clock is ticking, let’s make the most of every hour.


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Friday 8 pm: Your flight lands at the Salt Lake City International Airport, from one of 94 non-stop flight destinations. Rent a car and start heading north to Ogden, or hop on the Trax Green Line and make your way to the North Temple Station, unload and hop on the UTA FrontRunner train towards Ogden.

Friday 10 pm: Arrive at the Courtyard by Marriott and check into a room. Take a dip in the hot tub if you get there early enough and remembered your swim trunks. Then get ready for a night out on the town as you kick off your weekend getaway or stay-cation.

Friday 11 pm: What better way to kick off a ski vacation than at a place called Brewskis. Open late, Brewskis is a great place to grab a drink and a quick bite. But don’t overdo it. Saturday is going to be one hell of a day.



Saturday 7:30 am: Set your alarm, arrange a wakeup call as backup, throw on your ski clothes, grab your gear and hit the road. If you’re taking the public transportation, stuff your pockets with some continental breakfast to-go items and make your way to the Ogden Station. Catch the UTA 674 route to Powder Mountain. If you’re driving, take sit-down extra time and fuel up with some sit down breakfast from Waffle Love. Then hit the road and drive the 21 miles to Powder Mountain.

Saturday 9 am: Arrive at Powder Mountain, park at the Timberline Lodge and ski down to the Timberline Lift. If you’re looking for a few powder stashes, don’t hesitate to lap the often overlooked Timberline runs, before making your way to the bottom of Hidden Lake Express or Paradise. Familiarize yourself with the area before making your way over the the newest additions to Pow Mow, Village and Mary’s Lift.

Saturday Noon: Head back to the Timberline Lodge for a bowl of hearty ramen at the Powder Keg. Don’t get too comfortable yet, you’ll be right back at the Powder Keg in a few hours for apres-ski and live music.

Saturday 1 pm: Until then, it’s time to get rad. Pick up a couple passes for the Lightning Ridge snowcat at the Timberline Lodge ticket window, then ski alongside the road to the Sundown Chair. Ski right from the chair to the snowcat area, where a cat will pick you up and drive you fifteen minutes to the top of Lightning Ridge. From here you can drop into whatever terrain is calling your name, or earn your apres with a twenty minute bootpack to the top of James Peak. Most slopes will lead back to the base of Paradise Chair, load here and ski down to Hidden Lake Express. At the top you have a chance to complete what we call a Super Loop, drop into Powder Country and ski it all the way down to Powder Mountain Road. A bus will be there to pick you up and carry you back to the Sundown Chair for lap two on the powder cat, or thrown in another  Powder Country lap, this time on the Sundown side of the road. Load the bus and get to the cats. Congratulations, you’ve just completed at least one Powder Mountain Super Loop. You’ve also earned the right to celebrate with a beer or two.

Saturday 3 pm: Head back to the Powder Keg for some of the best apres-ski entertainment in Utah. The new ownership group at Powder Mountain has invested a lot of money in the area, they also stack the Powder Keg with an incredible live music schedule starting at 3pm daily. Order a pitcher or two, maybe some wings, or just munch on some free popcorn and dance in your ski boots.

Saturday 5 pm: Just when you think you can’t possibly ski or dance another minute, it’s time to leave Pow Mow and make your way down to Nordic Valley for some night skiing. The ski bus will get you close enough for the Nordic Valley bus to escort you from Eden, or drive the 10 miles in your vehicle. Because your legs are probably shot from the morning, it’s time to switch things up and learn how to ride a Snowbike under the night skiing lights of Nordic Valley.

Saturday 7 pm: Snowbiking is a lot of work and it’s time to refuel. If taking public transit, kill time until the 9:45 pm ski bus, and enjoy dinner at Carlos and Harley’s in Eden.  If you’re driving, make the ten mile drive around Pineview Reservoir to the town of Huntsville and the oldest bar in Utah, the Shooting Star Saloon. Order a Shooting Star Burger – two beef patties, grilled onions, cheese, and a knockwurst on a bun – and a pitcher of Heidi’s Special. Take a photo of Buck, the 298 pound taxidemied St. Bernard. But don’t stop moving, there’s one more physical activity on the books back in Ogden, where we learn how to throw axes at Social Axe Throwing.

Saturday 11 pm - If you have anything left in the proverbial tank, make your way to the Yes Hell for cocktails. Don’t stay out too late, or do, because it’s your last night and tomorrow should be a good one.



Sunday 7:30 am - Another early morning and catch the 675 Route to Snowbasin Resort, or drive the twenty miles following breakfast at an Ogden staple, the Pig and a Jelly Jar.

Sunday 9 pm: Arrive at Snowbasin, utilize the nicest ski resort bathrooms in the world, and hit the slopes. Hop on the Needles Gondola. Head over to the Allen Peak Tram and rip some groomers on the downhill runs featured in the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.

Sunday Noon: Needles Lodge has some of the most incredible views in the Wasatch, and the food is pretty darn good too. After lunch, make your way to the Strawberry Gondola. There are a handful of great hikes and traverses from the chair. Get rad or just take in the incredible views of Ogden and the Great Salt Lake.

Sunday 2 pm: Make your way back down to Earl's Lodge and try to get a good table at the Cinnabar, Snowbasin’s most popular apres-ski bar. Listen to live music and cheers to surviving two big days on the slopes.

Sunday 3 pm: If utilizing public transit either order an Uber or hop aboard the 3:20pm Route 675 bus to Ogden Station, then order an Uber to take you to the rest of the way to the airport. The FrontRunner doesn’t run on Sundays, so plan ahead. If driving, hang out at the Cinnabar a little longer before making the 45-mile drive back to the airport.

Sunday 8 pm: Board your plane and reflect on the whirlwind of fun that was the past weekend. Go ahead and book a return trip to Ogden, because if you’ve learned anything over the last two days, it’s this – 48 hours isn’t close to enough time to explore everything Odgen, Utah has to offer.

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