Step 3 - Après-Ski Life: Go Big and Get Babes at Olympic Park

By Après Adam Sep 19, 2016
Après Adam uses #GoBigGetBabes because it motivates him to push himself to go bigger in life. Watch his signature move at the Utah Olympic Park.
Step 3 - Après-Ski Life: Go Big and Get Babes at Olympic Park

Step 3 to the best après ski season of your life. 

It motivates me to be the guy going huge under the chairlift. The guy that the regular people watch and say, "I'm buying that guy a beer at the end of the day."

For those of you out there that know Après Adam personally, or are fortunate enough to follow me on Instagram, you'll recognize #GoBigGetBabes as my own personal motto or creed. Simply put, I don't have any tattoos, but if I did, there's a good chance I would have "#GoBigGetBabes" across my back, or neck, or knuckles. To be honest, it's not even my hashtag, I stole it from my buddy Jason and his friends in Squaw Valley USA, but I like to think they thought of the hashtag with me in mind. I started hashtagging my posts with #GoBigGetBabes because it motivated me to push myself to go bigger in life. Not always just to get babes, but to be the best version of myself, to go bigger than the guy wearing the "Jupiter Peak: Go Big or Go Home" t-shirt.

Going big and getting babes doesn't happen organically. It takes practice to identify and develop your signature move, aka "the crowd-pleaser." And that's how I found myself at the Utah Olympic Park water ramps with my cameraman Colby from Angelos Media, my buddy Stoops, and a Fly Freestyle coach. Watch and take notes, because life is a test. 

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