Snowcat Skiing And Skiing With Cats

By Yeti Mar 2, 2016
There's a new cat skiing outfit in Utah with over 60,000 acres of terrain and as an added bonus meet Rocky The Space Cat.
Snowcat Skiing And Skiing With Cats

Utah is flush with cat skiing operations. There's everything from single-ride resort options to the newest cat skiing operation in the country to an operation that donates proceeds to protecting Salt Lake City's drinking water and, of course, there's the guy who has taken "cat skiing" to a whole new level. . .scroll to the end of the list to meet this character. 

Without further adieu, here are Utah's cat skiing options and there's no doubt that there's an outfit to fit your personality and pocket book. 


Over 60,000 acres of powdery goods and old-growth glades in Northern Utah make up the playground of the newest cat skiing operation in the country. 

Pros: The terrain is expansive and unlimited. Powder turns for days. New luxury yurts. 
Cons: 45+ minute cat ride before you start skiing. 
Price: Single Person $375-$495 per day which includes avalanche training, beacon, probe and radio provided as well as breakfast/lunch and guides. OR rent out a private powder cat and bring up to 11 friends price ranging from $4,500-$5,940. 


This private mountain range encompasses more than 40,000 acres of the Thousand Peaks Ranch, a privately owned sheep ranch in summer, turned into a powder hounds dream in winter. Just 25 miles east of Park City and also offers heli-skiing too. 

Pros: High-alpine terrain and wide-open bowls are what dreams are made of. 
Cons: There is no cell service. Zero, zilch.  
Price: $549 per person per day. 


Perfect for the intermediate powder skiers. Snowbird put this gem on the map a couple of years ago which dips into American Fork Canyon which is located directly behind Snowbird. 

Pros: Proceeds benefit the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation and the Wasatch Water Legacy Partnership, working with volunteers to improve the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and Salt Lake City’s drinking water.
Cons: Limited terrain. 
Price: $350 per person for morning half day. $4,500 for a full day private custom tour for up to 10 people. 


Powder Mountain has quietly established itself as one of the premier cat skiing resorts in the country. 

Pros: Affordable and flexible cat skiing options allow you to find the goods and get to the ends of earth within #powdermountains's 8,400-acre playground. Nope, that's not a typo. 
Cons: Because the Lightning Ridge and Cobabe Canyon cats are not your own private snowcat, you sometimes have to wait in line. 
Price: $20 Lightning Ridge and Cobabe Canyon single-ride. $440 per person with Powder Expedition.  


Just outside the gates of legendary Alta Ski Area, you'll have the chance to lap Grizzly Gulch up to five times with two expert guides.

Pros: Start your run at 10,500 feet in one of the world's most snow-rich canyons. Snowboarders are welcome—while Alta Ski Area itself is a skier’s only mountain. 
Cons: Demand exceeds supply, so plan ahead. 
Price: $325 per person for five runs. 


Meet the sheriff and authority on skiing with cats. It's pretty simple, Josh Scheuerman and his cat, Rocky The Space Cat, make the mountains a better place!
Pros: This cat will ski any mountain in the state and usually isn't booked during the holidays. 
Cons: Yeah, it's a lot weird but you simply can't buy something this awesome.  
Price: Priceless.