Beaver Mountain Powder Skiing

By Powderhound Matt Mar 15, 2016
Beaver Mountain is the best kept secret in skiing! Show me any other resort in the Lower 48 that gets a foot of snow and only 18 cars are parked in lot at 9:30.
Beaver Mountain Powder Skiing

Everyone likes to talk about how Powder Mountain is Utah’s best kept secret. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Pow Mow but in my opinion, the award for best kept secret has to go to Beaver Mountain. This place is so far off the radar that no one even bothers to show up on a ten inch powder day in March.

We arrived at around 9:30 am to an almost empty parking lot. Actually I lie, there were 18 cars in the lot. Don’t believe me check out the photo.

Sure, you can say it was a Monday but this is just ridiculous! This is now the second time I’ve been up there, both have been on double digit powder days and both times the place has been a ghost town. The photo below was taken at 2 pm! 

The last time I skied The Beav it was an identical experience. If you’re looking to go into a time warp, and ski untracked powder literally all day long just head to Beaver the next time there is a storm on the horizon. 

Sure you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars  and go cat or heli skiing to ski untracked pow, or you can spend $48 and just lap The Beav for hours on end.  

Enjoy the video from the day.