Guide to Mountain Biking at Powder Mountain

By Local Lexi Jun 7, 2022
From features to buffed out berms, mountain biking at Powder Mountain is simply divine. Use this guide to learn more about Powder Mountain's bike park.
Guide to Mountain Biking at Powder Mountain

The Best Mountain Biking Trails at Powder Mountain 

Mountain biking at Powder Mountain encompasses a diverse array of trails, beautiful views in the high alpine, and a network of multi-use trails for guests to enjoy.

In the summer of 2022, Powder Mountain proudly debuts the long-awaited DIRT MOUNTAIN program for mountain bikers. The newly constructed Hidden Lake Bike Park adds an additional 10+ miles of downhill trails to Powder Mountain's existing 30-mile network of cross country and hiking trails. E-bikes are permitted on Powder Mountain's multi-use trails and Class 1 E-bikes are allowed in the Hidden Lake Bike Park, however no uphill traffic is permitted and E-bikes must weigh less than 60 lbs. The multi-use trails are free to use and open seven days a week while the Hidden Lake Bike Park spins lifts for downhill mountain bikers Thursday through Sunday. 

Summer at Powder Mountain
Powder Mountain is ramping up its summer scene with enhanced services, a rental bike shop, lift-served mountain biking, trailside lodging and a calendar of events stacked with races, clinics and rides. Visit Powder Mountain's Facebook Page for current event offerings. Do note that r
etail, rentals, restrooms and food will be open Thursday, 11am - 8pm, and Friday through Sunday, 11am - 6pm. 

Adjacent to the bike shop, from Thursday through Sunday, the Hidden Lake Lodge serves delicious tacos, beer, snacks and refreshments with a heaping side of mountain views. In the summer months, Powder Mountain makes an idyllic home base for guests who want to golf, bike and hike or swim and paddleboard in one of the nearby reservoirs. Spacious and luxurious mountain lodging options make Powder Mountain a lovely place for vacation or staycation. Bike-in/bike-out lodging tops the list with jaw-dropping ridgetop views. Package deals are offered for those who wish to stay and use the lift-served bike trails. Click here for more information. 


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Mountain Bike Rentals at Powder Mountain
Beginning in summer 2022, Powder Mountain will open the Hidden Lake Rental & Bike Shop from Thursday through Sunday. A variety of mountain bike and downhill gear will be available in addition to top notch rental bikes for adults and kids from the Commencal brand. Mountain bike rentals include a full face helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Rental reservations must be made 72 hours in advance. Tune-ups, service and simple repairs can be performed by mechanics on staff. 

Pricing & Hours
Powder Mountain does not charge an admission fee to ride their cross country and multi-use bike trails and E-bikes are permitted. Users can simply arrive at the mountain and enjoy the elevation with their own pedal power. The cross country trails are considered a backcountry experience and guests should understand there is no first aid or bike patrol available. The cross country trails are open from dawn to dusk and rides in the evening offer an excellent opportunity to experience the mountains with cooler temps and gorgeous light. 

Admission fees are required to enjoy the Hidden Lake Bike Park. Daily ticket sales are limited and passes are available for full-day or half-day blocks. It is recommended to purchase tickets online in advance to ensure availability. The bike park is open Thursday from 11am - 8pm and Friday through Sunday from 11am - 6pm. Evening sessions on Thursday nights are available. Bike Patrollers are on duty to respond to any guests in need within the boundaries of the Hidden Lake Bike Park. Bike Patrol is NOT available on the cross country trails. Note that uphill traffic is NOT permitted in the Hidden Lake Bike Park. 



Powder Mountain's lift-served bike park is serviced by the Hidden Lake chairlift. Bikers can park at the Hidden Lake lodge to launch their day. The bike park features 1,268 feet of vertical drop and over 10 miles of trails at high elevation. 


Launching in summer 2022, the Hidden Lake Bike Park at Powder Mountain is just getting started. The Pow Mow crew is committed to expanding and building out a robust network of flow trails and terrain features in the years to come with a goal of 2026 completion and 11 or more trails. Summer 2022 will introduce riders to two new flow trails rated green and blue. The resort plans to add two to three new trails each summer through 2026. With trails already laid out, we can't wait to watch the future expansion of Powder Mountain's trail network! 

Falkor is Powder Mountain's newest green-rated trail and it's lengthy path traces the contours of the mountain with plenty of switchbacks and gentle berms meandering through evergreen forests. 

Big Ern 
With a more direct descent, big Ern is Powder Mountain's new blue-rated trail that allows for faster speeds and a little more tech than the green-rated Falkor trail. Big Ern traverses underneath the Hidden Lake chairlift a number of times, taking advantage of the natural flow of the terrain along this basin perfectly shaped for mountain biking fun.


The bulk of Powder Mounatin's trail network covers over 30 miles of multi-use trails spread across the sprawling acreage of the resort's many bowls and ridgelines. These trails are free to use and E-bikes are permitted, however users should be aware that there is no first-aid or bike patrol available on the multi-use trails. The trails can be accessed from either the Hidden Lake or Timberline parking lots though the bulk of trails link up from the Paper Airplane trail via Hidden Lake. 


Brim Trail
The Brim Trail was one of the first constructed at Powder Mountain and includes a singletrack loop of about six miles. It's appropriate for beginning to advanced riders thanks to its smooth flow and fun berms. A few rocky sections keep this trail interesting. The majority of this trail meanders through wide meadows with dry soil. This is a more popular trail at Powder Mountain thanks to its length and beautiful scenery. 


Paper Airplane
Easily Powder Mountain's most photographed trail, no visit to the area is complete without the chance to soar around the hulking metal of the paper airplane sculpture. This trail serves as a short connector to many of the other trails, so you'll most likely hit it whether you intend to or not. The trail is mostly smooth with a subtle altitude change and a few manageable rocky sections. 


Woody’s World
This trail can be ridden either way and essentially parallels the paved road connecting the Timberline and Hidden Lake lodges. It's fun to ride from Hidden Lake down to Timberline, and you can carry good speed through the majority of the trail. This trail is fairly straightforward and appropriate for intermediate riders. There is decent shade along this ride thanks to the groves of aspen and fir, and riders will enjoy views out to the west of Ogden Valley and the Nordic Valley ski area. 

If you park at the Timberline Lodge and pedal this trail uphill, you'll reach the Paper Airplane trail which connects to the popular Brim Trail. 

Doctor’s Dozen
Crossing Mary's Bowl, a site for endless fun in the winter, Doctor's Dozen pays homage to the founder of Powder Mountain, Dr. 
Alvin F. Cobabe. You can learn more about the history of Powder Mountain here. By parking at the Hidden Lake Lodge and riding Doctor's Dozen, you can easily access the lower Brim Trail. This trail can be ridden in either direction. It'll be a little bit of a grind pedaling back up and out. 

DMI - "Don't Mention It" - Trail
You'll want to set up a shuttle or send a friend for this high octane downhill trail. Park or wait near the first avalanche control gate along the highway, and begin from the Timberline Lodge. The trail starts out slow but quickly builds speed, leading to endless berms and big scenic views. The grove of trees near the bottom section of trail is particularly fun. This is one of the best downhill trails in the area, and those who love flow and gravity won't want to skip this one. 


More Trails Near Powder Mountain

Catch our guide to Snowbasin's bike park for more information about other well-established trails in the area. 

We also recommend the Skyline Trail for those seeking adventure. This trail offers excellent wildflowers in the early season and great leaf-peeping in the fall; it is popular among hikers, bikers, dirt bikers, and horse lovers. The views don't stop, and riders can enjoy vistas to the west of Willard Bay and Antelope Island, as well as Ogden Valley to the east. Don't forget to keep an eye out for mountain goats and other wildlife! This trail requires a great deal of effort and uphill grinding, but it's worth it. 

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