Powder Paradise is now Open!

By Kendall Dec 27, 2007
Powder Paradise is now Open!

I should have clarified the title a bit - Powder Mountain has now opened the Paradise lift. And what a paradise it is.

The Paradise lift runs along an east/west running ridge for 1650' vertical covering nearly 6000' in length. Cliffs, spines, and all sorts of terrain features are littered along the ridge for your viewing and hucking pleasure. It's one of those lift rides that truly gives you front row seats to all the action. But it's what it doesn't show you that is the paradise.

Like most ridge skiing the top few runs on both sides get hit the hardest. The pull of the powder is too much to bear for some. Remember when your mom said "patience is a virtue"? If you can manage a bit of patience here you'll find paradise. Heading down the ridge if you pass up the obvious, maintain speed across the flat, wrap around the cliff feature going skiers left and then drop into the Eureka run area you'll strike gold, white gold!

sam_powderturn_close (sam_powderturn_close)

Of all the powder days I've had in Utah this little area of Powder Mountain has been the most consistent in delivering the goods time after time.

Paradise is now open, so go get yourself some powder.