Snowkite SuperFly Open at Powder Mountain

By Kendall Jan 30, 2008

Tomorrow is the start of the SuperFly Open at Powder Mountain.  Don't know what the SuperFly open is?

I'm talking about kiteboarding!  Still confused?

As an intro, kiteboarding is the generic term for any sport where a colorful kite is strapped to an athlete on surfboard, snowboard, skis, skateboard, etc. It's a fast growing sport that has found a home here in Utah for those that slide on snow.  But it's also catching on world wide.  Case in point. 

When the “Google Guys” do anything, the world seems to take notice. It’s a fact - Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are avid Kite Surfers, which they happen to enjoy mostly in the Pacific ocean of Northern California. 

Can't relate to the Google Guys?  Ok, so I have a friend who skied powder inbounds and out of bounds every day for years.  After living and skiing in Utah for over a decade he up and moved to the Gulf of Mexico full time solely because he can kiteboard every day. Once in a while he'll make his way to the mountains but in his words he said, "skiing powder has nothing on kiteboarding". 

If you’ve ever watched hot air balloons launching, imagine someone on a pair of skis or snowboard ripping across the horizon using a special parachute and you’ll have some inkling of the intrigue of this sport.

Head up to Powder Mountain Friday-Sunday this weekend to catch a glimpse of this new sport.  Powder Mountain is the only ski area in Utah that offers a specific day pass for snow kiters, which provides access to the Sunrise Poma lift that accesses ideal terrain and winds for Snowkiting

There will be introductory kite clinics and you can watch some of the best snow kiters in the world showcase their talent. Powder Mountain’s grooming team has been busy building some fantastic “snow features.” (With over 12 feet of natural snow so far this year, there’s plenty of snow to mold into some EXCITING features!)

Check out for the schedule and other info.