Powder Mountain Gains FAA Clearance For Drones

By Yeti Jan 29, 2016
The future of skiing has hit Utah's slopes at Powder Mountain. Pow Mow will be one of the first resorts to allow Cape Productions, a drone video service, to implement its services on the mountain.
Powder Mountain Gains FAA Clearance For Drones

Drones: they have the capability to change the way ski and snowboard footage is captured; yet many resorts question their safety because they are afraid that drones may crash into skiers, lifts, trees, and so on. The problem isn't so much the drone itself, but the operator behind its controls.

The good news is that Cape Productions has found a responsible way to take control of drones with trained professionals who follow strict rules and safety measures put forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

Imagine going on a ski trip and signing up to get a few runs shot of you ripping down the slopes. You'd get a 1.5-minute video of drone footage edited by a professional from Cape Productions. It's basically a full-on drone video service for you to use personally!

Now that's the future of skiing -- and it's HERE in Utah at Powder Mountain. Cape Productions has partnered with a few resorts to test its services, and it's the only company that's been approved to fly drones inside resort boundaries in the United States. 

So while drones aren't allowed to be in the hands of the public at ski resorts, Cape Productions has found a way to responsibly become the middleman that resorts and the FAA can trust. Starting January 29th, Cape Production’s drones will take flight at Powder Mountain along with three other resorts in the United States: Fernie Alpine Resort in British Columbia, and Squaw Valley Resort and Homewood Mountain Resort, both in Tahoe.

This is your opportunity to experience the future of skiing first hand. Check out Cape Productions for more details and book your own personal drone session.