We did it! PowderTwins ski all 14 Utah Resorts

By Yeti Apr 16, 2012
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 5th Grade Passports to ski all 14 resorts in Utah this season. We just skied at Sundance and Beaver Mountain and had a great time Spring skiing.
We did it! PowderTwins ski all 14 Utah Resorts

Hi everyone, this is Anna.  One of the best things about living where we do is it’s easy to get to 12 of Utah’s 14 resorts.  Two hours north we have Beaver Mountain, and less than an hour south we have Sundance Resort…and there are 10 others in between plus 2 more resorts in southern Utah.  We just skied Beaver Mountain and Sundance, our 13th and 14th different resort for the year, and have now skied all 14 resorts in one season.  It’s been awesome.

I want to tell you about our experience at Sundance.  Picture the sun right over the mountains dancing.  The sun does that at Sundance.  It’s really a beautiful place with huge mountains all around you, a frozen waterfall that you can see from the ski lift, and a stream that runs through the base area.

On the day we went to Sundance we took our California cousins with us.  They had never skied before, and even seeing snow was a surprise to them.  They loved it!  Sundance even has a rope tow area that is free for beginners, so you can just try skiing for a few hours and see how much you like it.  Our cousins could barely stand on their snowboards at the beginning of the day, but by the end they were boarding down the whole run without falling.  They had a lot of fun and will definitely go again when they visit next.
sundance (sundance)
I like the way the mountain flows at Sundance.  My favorite place to ski at Sundance is the top of the mountain off the Arrowhead lift.  There are lots of tree runs up there, and this is the part of the resort that gets the most snow.  My brother and I really like the No Excuses run because half of it is moguls and half is powder.  It’s challenging and fun.  My brother and I skied here most of the day, then went down to the bottom lift (Rays Lift) and could check in with our cousins.  Sundance is a really fun place to ski with friends and family.

Hi, this is Jacob and I want to tell you about our visit to Beaver Mountain.  We had a ton of sunshine on the day we were there, and it was so sunny that we skied in t-shirts and no gloves.  It was really fun, and because they have no crowds at this resort we skied right onto the lift after every run.  The people are really nice at Beaver Mountain – the Seeholzer family that owns it gave us some tips on where to ski for the best conditions that day.  I found big jumps in the terrain park off of Harry’s Dream Lift…really big jumps.  I also liked flying down Stan’s Bonanza which stayed groomed all day and you can really go flying down the run.  We used my dad’s iPhone to track our speed, and we hit 43 MPH on this run.  There are lots of different places to explore, and I cannot wait to Ski the Beaver again on a powder day.
beaver-mountain (beaver-mountain)
I cannot believe we have now skied all of Utah’s 14 resorts – the 5th Grade Passport is awesome!  And because we are only in 5th grade, we get the 6th grade passport next year.   I’m really looking forward to skiing these resorts again next year.  If you have any questions about what a kid thinks about Sundance or Beaver Mountain, or any resort in Utah, please let us know in the comments below.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @PowderTwins.