Step 9 Après-Ski Life: Summiting and Soaking

By Après Adam Nov 4, 2016
Step 9 of Après Adam's 12-Step Program for Après-Ski Conditioning: Summiting and Soaking! It's crunch time. Time to do some hiking and dial in your hot tub game.
Step 9 Après-Ski Life: Summiting and Soaking

 Après Adam here with step 9 of my 12-Step Program for Après-Ski Conditioning. I’m here to help you have the best après-ski season of your life!

Step 9: Summiting and Soaking

Halloween has come and gone. The weather is getting colder and everyone is stoked to get out on the slopes

While the snow is still waiting to find its way to Utah, it's ok, because the next few weeks could make or break your upcoming après-ski season.

Thanksgiving, a four-day festival of food, family, drinks, football, and the unofficial start of ski season, is your event horizon. So, with a couple pounds of Halloween candy sugar currently coursing through your veins, use that extra energy to get outside, climb a mountain, recover, and do it again.  Now is the time to get in the best après-ski shape of your life!

Lucky for you I’ve developed a three-step program, for Step 9 of my 12 Step Program: Summiting, Soaking, and Sipping!

Step 1: Summiting

One of my favorite fall activities is hiking around the Wasatch. Usually my bike has suffered a season-ending injury by this time of year, and I’m forced to look unto self-powered exercise alternatives. With a new bike that’s still running great, I haven’t been hiking as much, but that should change as the weather gets colder in November. And soon enough, scenic hikes will turn into pre-season ski tours.

Lucky for us, Ski Utah has compiled a ton of hiking intel here.

As the temperatures drop in Northern Utah, don't hesitate to head the deserts of Southern Utah to do some hiking. It's a great excuse to get some sun and exercise before the ski season.

So lace up those hiking boots or sneakers, summit some hills, and push some peaks!

Step 2: Soaking

Whether you’re in pre-season training or if this is the real deal, it’s important to help your muscles recover after a day of hiking and après-skiing. There’s no better way* to recover from a long hike than soaking those tired muscles in hot water (*not scientifically proven).

This is the perfect opportunity to dial in your hot tubbing game for the upcoming après-ski season. Any true après-skier has a go-to option for soaking sore muscles and rehydrating after a long day on the hill. And since you’re reading this,  you’re most likely a ski bum and it's safe to assume you don't have your own hot tub. Or if you do, you're like me and probably can't afford to heat it.

Here are your options for soaking sore muscles accompanied by the official Après Adam Score (AA Score) between 1 and 10. “1” being called into work while waiting for first chair on a powder day. “10” being the best day ever.

  • Draw yourself a bubble bath at home. (AA Score: 3)

    • Pros:

      • You can blast whatever music you’d like

      • Unlimited privacy

      • Cheap drinks

    • Cons:

      • When your roommate interrupts your bath to use the bathroom

      • You’re alone… again… and you inevitably start crying

  • Join a gym and use the hot tub and spa: (AA Score: 4)

    • Pros:

      • It’s more sanitary than most options

      • Fresh towels, a shower, a steam room and a sauna are steps away

      • Great indoor scenery to check out

    • Cons:

      • A gym membership is way out of your ski bum budget

      • Alcohol and music are not allowed, or at least, severely frowned upon

      • The inevitable run-in with that naked old guy in the locker room

  • Poach a hot tub! (AA Score: 7)

    • Pros:

      • It’s free!

      • It’s a great way to meet tourist babes and bros on vacation

      • Cheap drinks if you plan ahead and scout out the what's allowed

      • You get to flaunt your local ski bum knowledge.

    • Cons:

      • The risk of embarrassment of getting caught, blacklisted or even arrested

      • Constant paranoia suspecting every staff member is on to you

      • Party vibe is muted to avoid drawing attention

      • Kids: Splashing, screaming, peeing

  • Hike to a nearby hot spring. (AA Score: 8)

    • Pros:

      • Even in Utah, hot springs are clothing optional

      • It’s free! Aside from gas money

      • Nature. The whole experience is just so organic

      • Alcohol is cheap and acceptable

      • Hippies are willing to share their... herbal remedies?

      • Perfect opportunity to capture a banger Instagram

    • Cons:

      • The clothing optional thing

      • Everything you own will smell like sulphur for weeks

  • Make friends with tourists while après-skiing, befriend them, suggest moving après-session to a hot tub: (AA Score: 9)

    • Pros:

      • It’s free!

      • Cheaper drinks than the bar

      • The chance to meet tourist babes and bros on vacation

      • A chance to become a national, or international, après-ski legend!

    • Cons:

      • (none)

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of soaking. Choose one that works for you and move onto the next step, finding your signature drink to rehydrate after a long day.

Step 3: Recovery Drinks

Après Adam’s Top 5 Recovery Drinks:

Homemade Hot Toddy (AA Score 10)
  • Warm, delicious, and a great alcohol to volume ratio
  • Looks inconspicuous in reusable water bottle or thermos
  • According to the internet, both honey and whiskey are good for you

Cheap Can of Light Beer (AA Score: 6)
  • Rehydrate. A Light Beer is between 90-95% water
  • Easy to share, easy to crush and pack out
  • Carrying a 30-pack of beers is a great post-workout-workout
Irish Coffee (AA Score: 4)
  • Hiking and hot tubbing is exhausting. You’ll need the caffeine.
  • If poaching, grab a free cup of coffee from the hotel lobby. Add whiskey.

Whiskey Picklebacks (AA Score 8)

Boxed Wine (AA Score 7)

There you have it. Follow these steps to summit some peaks, find a spot to soak some sore muscles and learn how to rehydrate.

Your body will thank you now. Your friends will thank you this season.