Lazy Days, Graze-y Days: 10 Best Brunches

Lazy Days, Graze-y Days: 10 Best Brunches

Pam's Plate

By Pam's Plate \ February 12 2016

Some ski days begin…in the afternoon. On the chill days when your legs are tired or you just need a break, brunch is the perfect segue into a lovely afternoon. Here are a few of the best hot spots. 

Salt Lake City

Copper Onion

Vibe: Bow tie optional.  

Best Dishes: Sautéed mushrooms topped with a farm fried egg, potato sticks, parsley, garlic. $9.

Huevos Rancheros with pulled pork. $9



Vibe: Things are happy up in this hood.   

Best Dishes: Pork shoulder with polenta and squash Trust me. $13. Brioche French toast with granola and crème fraiche. $10.  Monte Cristo with Tyrolean ham and blueberry jam. $10


Vibe: Last night was awesome.

Best Dishes: The Dutch Baby pancake will blow your mind. $10. Start with perfect coffee and the daily scone. If you every need a burger for brunch, head here. Add a fried egg. $15.50


Avenues Proper

Vibe: Let’s go after 11 and have beer. Then go for a hike.

Best Dishes: The Farmer’s Benedict with perfectly poached eggs, kale, sweet potato & corn chow chow, basil pesto hollandaise on an English muffin WITH pork belly! $15. Chicken and waffles…just for the house-made sausage. $13.


Park City

The Boneyard

Vibe: Jerseys, dreadlocks, ski leggings, leather jackets or all of the above.

Best Dishes: Wings and ribs for breakfast? Yes.



Vibe: Good thing I wore my Dale of Norway sweater

Best Dishes: Green Eggs: Scrambled egg whites, spinach, zucchini, green onions, local goat cheese, arugula pesto, fingerling potatoes, fennel. Served with your choice of breakfast breads. $16.00. Norwegian Potato & Bacon Pancake with a poached  egg, Jarlsberg cheese sauce, cranberries. $18.00



Vibe: Good thing I wore my Moncler jacket

Best Dishes: Skier’s Brunch. Croissant sandwiches.


North and South


Foundry Grill

Vibe: Spurs optional. Folk singing skills prized.

Best: Dishes: Smoke trout hash with eggs and house potatoes. $15 Fluffy biscuits and rich gravy, $12.



Vibe: Be a glutton, then go skiing or mountain biking or straddle a hawg.

Best Dishes: Bread pudding French toast, served with warm caramel sauce, whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruit. $8.95 Chile verde omelet topped with melted cheese and served with Roosters potatoes, toast and homemade salsa. $8.95


Happy brunch'ing  you hungry skiers you. . .