Test Your Ski Utah Knowledge

By Yeti Apr 22, 2020
Some interesting Utah history, athlete firsts and a surefire way to get you to smile.
Test Your Ski Utah Knowledge

Test your knowledge about Utah's ski community.

We've put together a multiple-choice quiz with answers that follow, covering nine entertaining tidbits about Utah.

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Or if you would rather just get right to it, below are the questions and links to the answers

Questions include:

  1. Where was the first ski lift in Utah located?
    Answer #1

  2. Who was the first female skier to earn the opening scene in a TGR premier?
    Answer #2

  3. Who skied Snowbird's famed Pipeline couloir on their 80th birthday?
    Answer #3

  4. How many ski and snowboard resorts are there in Utah?
    Answer #4

  5. What resort turned an ore hauler into its first chairlift?
    Answer #5

  6. What Utah city built a rope tow and opened a ski resort by way of a mayoral proclamation?
    Answer #6

  7. In what year was the double lens ski goggle invented?
    Answer #7

  8. Who was the first female skier to ski all 90 classic descents from the The Chuting Gallery?
    Answer #8

  9. John Denver's "Dancing With The Mountains", who did it better?
    You decide:
    Answer #9 option A
    Answer #9 option B