The Snowblader - Powder People Episode 3

The Snowblader - Powder People Episode 3


By Yeti \ November 27 2017

"Look at this. Look around. Isn't this great? We are so lucky to be up here."—Burke Weir

If you've spent time skiing around the Wasatch Front, you've probably seen or shared a chair with Burke Weir.

Every day is the best day skiing!

A local at Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude; Burke and his blades are a well-known fixture on the hill. His love for skiing is unparalleled. His love for skiing is infectious. For Burke, there are no frills, no fancy gear, just a ski bum at heart who hates to see each ski day end. His nickname is Mr. Wiggles, he's the life of the party and the energy of the mountain. He's often found starting the wave at the top of the chairlift. If you're so lucky, hopefully, you can partake in the festivities, and keep the wave going with Burke. 

It's probably safe to say that Burke could be crowned the Most Interesting Man in Skiing. No?

Edit: Tim Roberts

Cinematography: Jacob Callaghan

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