Park City Food and Wine Classic

By Powderhound Matt Jul 12, 2012
Many outsiders think you can't get a real drink in Utah, ABC 4 News Anchor Kim Fischer may have been one of them. After attending the Park City Food and Wine Classic, I have a feeling that those reservations no longer exist...
Park City Food and Wine Classic

If you happen to read this blog on a regular basis, I think you've already figured out, I like to ski and and I like to party.  While everyone knows there is incredible skiing here in Utah, far fewer people are aware that we seriously know how to have a good time in Utah.  Most of you have heard of the Sundance Film Festival that takes place during January and all the parties and hoopla that goes on with that but my favorite party event of the year is the Park City Food and Wine Festival. I've been trying to explain this to the newest member of the Salt Lake City ABC 4 News Team. Kim Fischer is the 5 pm Anchor and  joined the ABC 4 News team this past December, prior to that she was in Dallas Texas, pretty much living the life of Ron Burgundy.  Alright that might be a slight exaggeration but let's just say she knows how to have a good time. Like most, Kim probably prejudged Utah and it's ability to put together fun events, so the Powder Posse took it upon ourselves to change such opinions. The posse consisted of Powderhound Cat, Nick Como formerly of Solitude Resort, his lovely girlfriend Laura, and Adam and Liz, the lucky couple who are heading to Chile courtesy of Ski Utah next month.

Now for Kim's take on the event...

Where to begin…. How about the Cliff Notes version of the day:


Amazing wine

Awesome aperitifs

Knowledgeable staff

Easy to get around (not too crowded)

Yummy food

Best looking meat on a stick I’ve EVER seen (Stein Eriksen Lodge) 

Rain (blessing)


Rain (curse in a white dress)

Could have used a little more food

Having to put up with the Powderhound

Overall, being the first event I’ve (Kim) attended here in Utah… it was more than I ever expected. We pulled a lap around the venu, just to see what we were working with, and then the fun began. Like I said in my condensed version, there were a ton of wineries, so I’m just going to highlight my favorites.

One of my first stops was to the Justin Winery tent. They came in from California and had a variety of wines… and as fate would have it… I got to try every single one of them. Just seconds after walking up to the tent… the rain began. And I’m not talking a cute little sprinkle… oh no… I mean the heavens opened up and dumped water on the Canyons resort. Poor me… stuck under a tent with two friends and a bunch of wine… what’s left to do, but begin the tastings! You can find this winery at your local wine store, and I suggest trying the Isosceles blend.

The next two vineyards were in the surprisingly good category. Surprising… because they’re not in California or France… they’re from Arizona and Utah. Stronghold vineyard is just outside of Tucson. Unlike most desert based wines… it was not sweet at all. It also doesn’t hurt that it was created by a rockstar (Maynard Keenan, anyone?)

Utah’s Slide Ridge, based in Mendon, is a delightful dessert wine made from honey and apples grown in our state. If you’re looking for a change from the normal ports and muscats… give this a shot… and hey, it’s local!

Finally… the food. I only wished there was more of it, but what was there… uh-may-zing! Stein Eriksen brought the largest meat on a stick I’ve ever seen. We’re talking the whole mid-section of a pig, on a big metal pole. It looked awesome, and tasted even better. Whole Foods put on a good show with a beef and veggie stir fry and some jalapeno jelly that was out of this world!