The Essential 2018 Spring Skiing Gear Guide

By Après Adam Apr 10, 2018
You could get by this spring without buying these 10 ski and après-ski items, but you'd be a lot cooler if you did.
The Essential 2018 Spring Skiing Gear Guide

Ten ski and après-ski essentials from local Utah companies to make the most of the last month or two of the season.

Brighton 2018 spring pass and Snowbasin or Snowbird 2018-19 season passes

Did you screw the pooch and forget to buy a pass this season? Lucky for you, Brighton, Snowbasin and Snowbird are here to bail you out. All three resorts are offering incredible deals to get you on the slopes the rest of this season.

Brighton Spring Pass is currently on sale for $175. Ride the rest of the season for the cost of two day passes. With a projected closing date of April 22, you won’t have a hard time recouping the investment.

Snowbasin Resort is offering free spring skiing to anyone that purchases a 2018-19 Season Pass. Ride for free until April 15th.

In addition to their regular Spring Pass, Snowbird is offering a similar deal to Snowbasin, but with a longer spring skiing season. With a projected closing date around Memorial Day, you can buy a 2018-19 Season Pass and ride for free until the end of May. Oh, and there’s a financing option that breaks payment down to $120 per month. It’s a no-brainer.

Pit Viper Exciters Sunglasses

Pit Vipers are the official sunglasses of Party Mountain, Utah. These stylish shades are a must-have for any true skier or après-skier. Not only are these shades bulletproof*, but they perfectly embody the entire spring skiing experience. From pow days to costume parties, or park laps to slopeside pitchers, there’s no spring event, outside of maybe Easter church service, that isn’t augmented by the presence of a pair of Pit Vipers. Skip the extra bulk of carrying both goggles and après shades and adopt the new Pit Viper Exciters. With dual lens technology and glacier glasses steeze, you’ll be the best après skier on the mountain… other than me of course.

Snowbird ski sweater

The hottest look this spring is the ski sweater. So why not rock the one embroidered with the name of the resort with the longest season in Utah.

Straight skis from the thrift store

Ironic snowblades are so 2017. Get your Marcus Caston on this Spring with some old school skinny skis and your new retro ski sweater. 

Chrome Daymakers

Looking to get some exercise while getting rad in the backcountry? Look no further than Daymaker Touring adapters. An updated and significantly improved evolution of Alpine Trekkers (aka “Day Wreckers”), these Utah-made adapters are ideal for getting you into the backcountry on your favorite pair of skis. While most people have a touring setup for the winter, that ski typically isn’t ideal for a lot of backcountry missions in the spring.

Want to build a backcountry booter this spring? Throw Daymakers on and start skiing uphill. Trying to check off some gnarly lines in the Chuting Gallery? Throw some Daymakers on your most trusty setup and start skinning to the top of that 60 degree chute. It’s late-spring and it’s starting to get a little thin out there? Throw some Daymakers on your best/worst rock skis and ski the hell out of some rocks. Daymakers turn your measly ski quiver into an entire backcountry-ready arsenal.

Big Shots Shot-Ski Mounts

Because you can’t spring ski without taking at least one shot ski. What I love about Big Shots, aside from being based out of Park City, is the simplicity and versatility provided by the latest in shot ski technology. Gone are the days of drills, screws, magnets, and hot glue guns (ouch!). Peel off the adhesive cover, stick the 3M VHB adhesive pad to any surface, press the mounts into place and start partying! The mounts come in two sizes: Shooter and Bomber. The shooter is your traditional shot glass size. The Bomber is a game-changer in the shot ski industry, allowing you to perform your favorite shot ski maneuvers with a pint glass or red Solo Cup. Sick and tired of Fireball shots? Me neither. But now you and two buddies can simultaneously chase that shot of delicious liquefied cinnamon bears with a pint of beer on a ski. That’s freakin’ teamwork!

* Enter the code "ApresAdam" to save 20% off your next order. Use the savings to buy me a beer.

The Chuting Gallery and Black Diamond Crampons

Spring is the perfect time to escape the resorts and head up into the backcountry to work on that tan and get in shape with bikini season just around the corner. And while the Wasatch can seem small at times, it can be an intimidating place for someone new to the area or just starting to venture beyond resort sidecountry. There a lot of places to find information about the Wasatch Backcountry, but my favorite is The Chuting Gallery: A Guide to Steep Skiing in the Wasatch Mountains, written by Park City’s own Andrew McLean. The book describes a wide range of lines in the Wasatch, ranging from entry-level to why-the-hell-would-anyone-ever-ski-that?. It’s not for everyone and a lot of the lines aren’t skiable this time of year, but it’s a great starting point to check some boxes and start making plans for next season.

Rossignol Black Ops

Spring skiing isn’t just about costumes and partying. We occasionally ski too! It’s not unusual to see all four seasons make an appearance on a typical spring ski day. You need a ski that can handle anything mother nature throws at it. That’s where the Rossignol Black Ops comes in. Park, powder, corn, mashed potatoes, slush bumps, wiggles, zipper lines, spread eagles, and pond skims. These babies do it all. Rossignol, based right here in Park City, tried to keep the release of these skis a secret, but the world has caught on. If you can find a pair, buy them up and convert your old favorite ski into a Big Shots Shot Ski, that’s the only use it’ll get after riding these Black Ops this spring. Sizing as follows: 118 underfoot in a 186 or 176 OR the 98 underfoot comes in a 192 or 182. 


This spring’s must-have party accessory is a flamingo-shaped beer bong, cleverly named, Flabongo. Or buy a generic one on Amazon for half the price. Spring skiing is the best!

Zinc and sunscreen

While a stout goggle or Pit Viper tan is sure to earn you some valuable ski town street cred, make sure to take care of your skin while on the hill. No one wants to look like that grizzled, leather-faced old man over there. By the way, that old man is really just a 41-year-old ski bum that never listened to his mom about putting on sunscreen. I highly recommend lathering up with all-natural Beyond Coastal sunscreen. It’s local, all-natural and good for your skin. Get some. Add a little flair to you skiing

Bonus spring skiing essential: A Spotify playlist that embodies all things spring-skiing: Ski Party

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