Utah's Newest Avalanche Puppies

By Yeti Apr 23, 2018
Meet Utah's newest avy dogs. These pups and their handlers will train for countless hours to prepare for avalanche rescue.
Utah's Newest Avalanche Puppies

Meet Utah's newest avy puppies, Slayer (Snowbasin), Monty (Alta) and Joni (Solitude)! These precious pups will endure countless hours of training and testing to become certified in avalanche rescue. We interviewed each dog and their handler to find out more about them including their favorite treats and what they do on their days off. Keep an eye out for these furry friends next time you're on the mountain.

Snowbasin Resort:


Dog Name: Slayer
Patroller’s name: Rich Webb
Birthday: 2/1/18
Breed: Black Lab
Favorite Treat: Kibble
How many avy dogs does Snowbasin currently have? 5 
What is Slayer's story and where did he come from? Slayer came from Candlewood Breeders from Wisconsin. Rich (Slayer's dad) went to dog school as a second handler and while there, he learned about a spare pup that another ski patrol was utilizing. After some quick decision making, he took advantage of this unique opportunity and brought aboard his new furry friend, Slayer.
What does Slayer do when he is “off” for the day? Slayer runs around the house, chasing toys and listening to thrasher music. 


Alta Ski Area:


Dog Name: Monty (after Monty Atwater)
Patroller's Name: Kyle Fredrick
Birthday: 1/16/18
Breed: Black Lab
Favorite Treat: Rawhide
How many avy dogs does Alta currently have? 5
Fun Facts about Monty: Monty has white spots on the bottom of his front paws. Oh and his middle name is bacon.
Where did Monty come from? Monty came from a breeder near Richfield, UT called Elite Labrador Retrievers which is where Alt's other dogs, Lucy and Tula have come from.
What does Monty do when he is “off” for the day? Whatever the handler is doing. Often involves hiking and living the life of a happy dog. 

Look out for Alta's avy dogs as they are currently open for skiing on the weekends through May 6th! More info available here.




Solitude Mountain Resort:


Dog name: Joni
Patroller’s name: Jasper Anderson
Birthday: 2/14/2018
Breed: Chocolate Lab and Wirehaired Pointer
Favorite treat: Nylabone
What’s the dog’s story/where did they come from? Joni is from the Perry part of Brigham City. Her handler found her litter on KSL classifieds. Joni’s mom is a bird hunting dog and Joni’s dad can find shed antlers.
Fun Facts: Joni loves to play tug, chase the cat around and sniff around in the snow.


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