Brighton Pow Day. Hero Snow Back Flip

Brighton Pow Day. Hero Snow Back Flip

Snowboard Muse

By Snowboard Muse \ January 14 2015

New Trick

PC: Bryan Koviak


1-12-15 Utah got hammered with an awesome storm. With not to much forecasted the storm produced up to 22 inches in less than 24 hours. 8 of the Utah the resorts received 15+ inches!!! With the 2 fresh feet of hero snow I decided to huck a big ole' back flip. Something I hadent tryed in a few years and managed to stomp out my second try! Here is a quick edit from Brighton the day after the storm! 


Screen Shot.jpg

8 resorts reported 15+ inches. Check out the Ski Utah Snow Report!


White Room




Thanks to Ted St. Peter-Blair and Bryan Koviak for coming out!