Avalanche Awareness Week: backcountry advice from Forrest and Caroline

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By Mountain Mama \ February 16 2012 \ 0 Comments

Educating the public and especially kids about heading into the backcountry is very important.  This past week, the Governor of Utah declared it Backcountry Awareness Week.  That means that the Utah Avalanche Center, myself and KSL got together to produce some segments geared toward education and families.  Many people just think going into the backcountry means launching off a big mountain top as an extreme skier.  That is true, however, it also means being safe even if you are going snowshoeing in the backcountry.  With the mountains so close to Salt Lake City, many families head up on a weekly if not daily basis.  The Utah Avalanche Center is an amazing resource for the residents of Utah.  The Know Before you Go program has been taken in by over 100,000 students.  It was also featured a week ago on this web site!

I got my kids, Emily-6 and Brennan-almost 5, to get some advice from pro boarder, Forrest Shearer and pro skier, Caroline Gleich.  Someday they will look back on this and think "Wow, I was pretty lucky".  It is amazing even at this age how much information they have retained.  Brennan brings up avalanches quite often with questions and Emily mentions the tools that are needed....a beacon, shovel and probe!



I will be posting 2 more stories...so stay tuned.  Also, check out Ski' N See's discounts this month!

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