Weekly lessons at Deer Valley for a Bambi

Weekly lessons at Deer Valley for a Bambi

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ January 12 2010

dscn0743 (dscn0743)After only 3 lessons this season, Emily is doing GREAT at her skiing. As I've said before...enthusiam is key!  We've had 2 private lesson, one afternoon lesson and now we've started consecutive weekly lessons at Deer Valley.  As we all know, Deer Valley caters to your every need.  Same goes with the little guys.

Some differences in lessons.  Private lessons are wonderful and you get the one on one attention, but can be a bit spendy.  Showing up to a resort and having a group lesson is great because you can ski for the day and the kids get into their age group and enjoy learning with other kids.  The consecutive weekly lessons are really nice because you have the same instructor and same kids in the class week after week.

Emily is 4, so she is the the Bambi class.  This means there are only TWO kids to one instructor.  As they get older, they jump into larger classes.  Deer Valley has a magic carpet and 2 beginner lifts, so there is plenty of terrain for the little ones to get started.

After getting up early, going to school, eating and dressing in the car and driving to Deer Valley, we are ready to go.  A few bits of advice....ARRIVE EARLY.  You head to the Childrens Center with all the other parents and kids on the first day...imagine being in a line at Disney World where everyone is itching to get on the ride :) So, you need to register the kids. Be organized!  Fill out your paperwork on-line if you could, it will save time once you get there.  Also, the weekly lessons do fill up, so plan early and make sure you have your reservation.  Have the kids dressed in their ski gear and skis with you when you arrive into the Childrens Center.  It took us a good 1/2 hour, so plan ahead early to ensure all the lessons start on time.  After checking in, we head upstairs to the Bambi room to find our instructor and get ski boots on.  Prepare for LOTS of kids, so remember what your kid looks like :)

We find Miles from Australia and fill him in on Emily's skills.  She has only one other little girl with her.  Get a potty break in and Moms and Dads head out until 4 pm!  The kids will get a break for hot chocolate and to warm up as needed, but are out learning until 4.  You pick up the Bambis inside, the older ones at the bottom of the slopes.

I skiied for awhile and then went to check Emily out.  She was doing great!! This is the longest period she's skiied and I could tell Miles worked her legs hard :)  Again, another day without the edgie wedgies, so I think we're safe to say...already done with that.

Em is pooped out when I go to pick her up but has big smiles...important.  Miles fills me in on how she did. Need to work a little on how to get up when falling.  He feels she'll be ready for the big lift in a week or 2!! I'm so pleased and look forward to that.  I'll watch with 1 finger over my eye!

Deer Valley has a huge Child Care program as well.  If your kids aren't quite ready to ski, that's OK.  They take kids as early as 2 months old!  There are plenty of activities to keep them going all day.  For ski lessons, the kids need to be potty trained.  In the 3 year old program, they can go into an hour long lesson with an instructor.  I'll have to check this out when Brennan turns 3 soon!

Check out Deer Valley's web site for much more info on things to do.  They are definitely a full service resort and have just about anything you could possibly need.  After all, it's the Deer Valley way!!