Buy a New Snowboard - Get a Lift Ticket and a Lesson

By Tim Roberts \ November 20 2008

Just got this in the old email from Burton:

Burton Snowboards is pleased to announce GO SNOWBOARDING, a collaborative effort with select North American partner resorts designed to introduce people to snowboarding. With the purchase of select Burton snowboards you can obtain a FREE lesson and lift ticket package. Better yet, the lesson and lift ticket package is fully tranfserable, so if you're simply too rad for free stuff, then do us all a favor and hook a friend or family member up.


Your LTR lesson and lift ticket package is fully transferable.

Blackout dates vary, so double check with the resort you want to visit ahead of time.

You have to call the resort at least 48 hours ahead of time so that they can plan for your arrival

In Utah you can redeem this deal at the Canyons in Park City.  The boards that qualify for this deal are Blunt, Blunt Wide, Blunt Primo, Stigma, Clash, Chicklet, Bullet, Feather, Operator Smalls, Custom Smalls, Feelgood Smalls, Dom Grom, and Chopper.  What are you waiting for, get a new ride and a free ticket to ride it.