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PowderTwins Ski Solitude

by Ski Utah Yeti December 6 2011 5 Comments

Hi, this is Jacob.  When I learned we were going to Solitude I asked my dad what “solitude” meant.  He said it means “good loneliness.”  I think that is a great name for the ski resort because there were no lift lines.  None.  Zero.  Nada.  We skied onto every lift without having to wait in line.  They also have these cool lift passes at Solitude that you just put in your pocket and a sensor scans the pass and lets you through.  It was a very sunny day on Saturday and we received a few inches of snow the night before, so it was really a great day.   The resort is spread out with wide runs so you don’t have to carve around people – except my sister.

Because we are twins we must thing alike.  We were both skiing Sunshine Bowl – on one side there are moguls and the other part is groomed.  I was skiing the groomed part and wanted to hit the moguls, and my sister wanted to do the opposite.  We collided!  Neither of us was hurt, but it was all her fault, and the best part is we caught it all on our GoPro.  

Hi again, this is Anna.  I had a great time skiing at Solitude.   I got to try out my new Rossignol Temptations, which are so fun!  I love how smooth they are and how pretty they look.  

The lift I like the most at Solitude is Eagle Express.  It’s a long lift and it is high speed so you get to do a ton of skiing.  We really felt like we had the resort to ourselves because we could ski anywhere we wanted to without people in the way.  Well, all of us could except for Jacob.  Because you saw the video you can tell it was his fault and not mine.  

We all had a great time, even our 5 year old brother.  He went into Solitude’s Play N Ski program where he had ski lessons with Maggie, and then got to play inside and have hot chocolate.  Here’s a picture of the indoor play place.  He has told me 10 times how much he wants to go back to ski school.  While our brother is a pretty good skier for his age, I think it’s good for him to take more lessons.  My brother and I took lessons for 4 years, and will probably take more advance lessons next year too.
img_0394 (img_0394)
For lunch we stopped at a place in the middle of a bunch of skis runs called The Roundhouse.  See all the people crowded around us?  Nope?  That’s why they call it “Solitude.”

img_0400-jpg-2 (img_0400-jpg-2)

We now have 2 resorts complete and will be skiing at Canyons next week.  If you have any suggestions for things we should do there please let us know in the comments below.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @PowderTwins. 

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