The Yeti to return to Mt Everest

By Yeti May 8, 2014
Follow the Yeti, who was trekking in the Himalayas and attempting to summit Mt Everest with a little help from our friend Greg Paul.
The Yeti to return to Mt Everest

The Yeti has been a symbol of winter adventure in Utah for six years now, and his sense of adventure is only growing stronger. Thanks to local thrill-seeker, Greg Paul, the Yeti had the highest peak in the world in his sights last month. Paul, the owner of Momentum Climbing Gym in Salt Lake, set out on conquering the 29,000 foot peak last season, but left unfulfilled. He returned to Everest this year with more drive than ever, and is getting some extra help from two newly rebuilt knees!

Unfortunately, as you may have heard, there was a tragic avalanche that struck Everest in the early hours of April 18, 2014 and took the lives of many Sherpas. Paul was on the mountain during the terrible tragedy and wishes that he could be part of a "normal Everest climbing season." Paul also mentioned that he is not done with Everest yet, "third time's a charm as they say."

Snowbird is hosting a fundraising event, May 26th, to benefit the Sherpa families affected by the disaster on Mount Everest.

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